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Amnesty calls for an UN arms embargo against BOTH sides

February 23, 2009

In the report Fuelling conflict: foreign arms supplies to Israel/Gaza on the misuse of foreign-supplied weaponry during the recent Gaza conflict that Amnesty International has just published, they call for a UN arms embargo against Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups. The fact that both sides committed war crimes by targetting civilians was central to this conclusion. The call extends to both the UN Security Council and Obama’s administration.

Mentioned in the report was the fact that a company in Lichfield (UAV Engines) may have supplied specially-designed engines for Israeli drones as mentioned in our post MPs concerned about arms exports to Israel – leading Amnesty to “question the lack of a robust system of end-use monitoring of British-made equipment sent to Israel and elsewhere”. Lockheed Martin and Boeing were also named explicity.

Here are some links to read about this for yourself:

International NGOs are coming out in agreement with the logic behind what we did at Warwick – as we always claimed, we are not alone.

Update on the local/national movements

February 8, 2009

Students are revolting: The spirit of ’68 is reawakening… it’s quite sympathetic, and I personally am glad these occupations are finally getting national attention.

Facebook group for all the occupations

Update on what Warwick have been doing post sit-in: lots! The focus has been on three main sections.

  1. We have been meeting up regularly to discuss what to talk about in the upcoming discussion with the university – what to focus on, what to specify, where we can collaborate etc.
  2. Groups have been breaking off to tackle specific aims e.g. getting aid out to Gaza – this is making some pretty good headway!
  3. We have been conversing with other universities and national media to try and formulate a truly national movement with some pretty hefty political clout. Going to conferences, phone calls, e-mail lists… we’re trying to not lose the momentum that the recent wave of occupations has inspired!

As always, keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground…

MPs concerned about arms exports to Israel

February 4, 2009

It is not just students at Warwick that are concerned about the involvement of “British” companies in the recent Gaza conflict. In the past few days, it has been reported that MPs were shocked to discover that UK arms companies are supplying Israel with weapons for use in the occupied territories.

Guardian article: Israeli drones in Gaza may have had British engines, ministers admit

The same has come out in the USA as well: Guardian (blog). Numerous arms companies have been implicated in selling military equipment to Israel:



  • Qinetiq: Parts for the Joint Strike Fighter, which Israel is a customer for
  • Rolls Royce: Engine parts for F-16 jets
  • Northrop Grumman: Has a close connection with “Israel aircraft industries”
  • GE Aviation: Cannons on F-15 jets and Apache Helicopter propulsion

One of the many reasons, that was noted in the Guardian article, for many being only “suspected” is because accurate information about these companies is very difficult to come by. For more info about exports to Israel, check out the Campaign against the Arms Trade website.

Background info:

In 2002 Israel was found to have broken its written assurance that no UK equipment would be used in the occupied territories, when it was disclosed that Centurion tanks had been converted by the IDF into armoured personnel carriers.

The UK continues to sell arms to Israel despite the UN stating that Israel “violates humanitarian law” and even though the UK’s own “Consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria” are supposed to assess the impact on regional peace, security and stability and the human rights record of the recipient.

A call has been made by both the Liberal Democrats and Amnesty International (among other groups) for an arms embargo against Israel. Note, there is currently an embargo against the Palestinian territories. It is also illegal for any UK company to sell weapons to Hamas or related organisations anywhere under anti-terror laws.

What The BBC Doesn’t Want You To See

January 26, 2009

BBC Headquarters Occupied in Scotland

January 26, 2009

(from LSE’s blog)


Over 100 supporters of Scottish Stop the War Coalition and Palestinian groups have occupied the BBC headquaters in Glasgow. They say they will not end their occupation until the BBC has reversed its decision not to broadcast an emergency aid appeal for Gaza. The protestors are demanding to meet with a senior representative of the BBC.

Keith Boyd, one of the protesters occupying BBC Scotland’s HQ, can be contacted on: 07912348366


Andrew Burgin

07939 242 229

Press Office

Stop the War Coalition

27 Britannia Street



An analysis of BBC’s biased coverage of Israel/Palestine:

The Guardian on the Protests

January 22, 2009

Global issues, local action

January 21, 2009

I think a pertinent way to kick this blog off, before getting into what it’s about, is to mention Manal Timraz. A local resident and owner of the popular student hang-out Habibi’s in Coventry, she has lost 15 relatives (11 of those children) to this conflict. She is giving a call for blankets, candles and medical supplies for the affected civilians in Gaza that are “waking up to destroyed cities and no homes”.

Logistical details:

  • DONATIONS can be dropped off at Habibi restaurant in Far Gosford Street, Coventry, between 5pm and 11pm every day.
  • The appeal is asking for clean blankets and warm clothes as well as candles and basic medical supplies such as antiseptic.
  • Manal said: “I’m very happy to receive any ideas, any contributions and any signs of solidarity people want to show – even if it’s sending a message of support with a small donation.”
  • If you want to help but don’t know how call Manal on 07971 952 323 or email

BBC News article (with video)
Coventry Telegraph article