Updates on us and other unis

A lot has happened since we last updated you on the situations in other universities…

  • Glasgow went under on Monday, Rochester occupation in NY has both started and ended in victory, as has Strathclyde. Others to go under: Edinburgh, Goldsmiths, UEA, Manchester (links on the right-hand side)
  • On a sadder note Sheffield Hallam Uni has taken it upon themselves to suspend one of the SU sabbaticals for taking part in the sit-in. If you want to show solidarity, join the Facebook group
  • Queen Mary’s managed to get their university to both actually divest from an arms company, and tighten up their own “ethical investment policy” – groundbreaking stuff!

If you want to keep up-to-date with situations at other universities, you may want to join the group Support the UK Occupations!

Three representatives from the Warwick sit-in met with university officials this morning, so you will be getting an update from that soon…

3 Responses to “Updates on us and other unis”

  1. No One Cares Says:

    I’m in favour of Hallam’s choice and I’m glad that they had the balls to (try to) get shot of the few prats who get in the way of education. Virtually no one mobilised for the protests anywhere, save for a few people with nothing better to do who evidently don’t care about “humanitarian causes” or they’d’ve been protesting for the MANY wars across the world over the last few years. The reason virtually no one mobilised? No one cares. Shame that we’re too busy getting on with our lives and degrees, isn’t it? But alas, that’s what people are at University for and the bunch of wannabes who occupy universities will be the first to come crying when they fail their degrees or don’t get the result they want because they spent too long making themselves feel better and not long enough doing what they came to university to do.

  2. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    The statement about “virtually noone” mobilising for the protests is just untrue, which shows you may not know the true facts about these occupations. The remark about us not protesting about many other wars is, in our case, factually incorrect as well – I can only assume that applies to other groups too. Also, the insinuation that one can’t literally protest EVERY ill in the world so one should only target those they feel they can affect is… well, ridiculous, to my mind.

    …and don’t worry, I’d never run crying to you ^_^

  3. Occupations Says:

    Can you update us on what happened in the meeting with the University and whether you are making any headway with any of your demands.

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