MPs concerned about arms exports to Israel

It is not just students at Warwick that are concerned about the involvement of “British” companies in the recent Gaza conflict. In the past few days, it has been reported that MPs were shocked to discover that UK arms companies are supplying Israel with weapons for use in the occupied territories.

Guardian article: Israeli drones in Gaza may have had British engines, ministers admit

The same has come out in the USA as well: Guardian (blog). Numerous arms companies have been implicated in selling military equipment to Israel:



  • Qinetiq: Parts for the Joint Strike Fighter, which Israel is a customer for
  • Rolls Royce: Engine parts for F-16 jets
  • Northrop Grumman: Has a close connection with “Israel aircraft industries”
  • GE Aviation: Cannons on F-15 jets and Apache Helicopter propulsion

One of the many reasons, that was noted in the Guardian article, for many being only “suspected” is because accurate information about these companies is very difficult to come by. For more info about exports to Israel, check out the Campaign against the Arms Trade website.

Background info:

In 2002 Israel was found to have broken its written assurance that no UK equipment would be used in the occupied territories, when it was disclosed that Centurion tanks had been converted by the IDF into armoured personnel carriers.

The UK continues to sell arms to Israel despite the UN stating that Israel “violates humanitarian law” and even though the UK’s own “Consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria” are supposed to assess the impact on regional peace, security and stability and the human rights record of the recipient.

A call has been made by both the Liberal Democrats and Amnesty International (among other groups) for an arms embargo against Israel. Note, there is currently an embargo against the Palestinian territories. It is also illegal for any UK company to sell weapons to Hamas or related organisations anywhere under anti-terror laws.

3 Responses to “MPs concerned about arms exports to Israel”

  1. Nick Says:

    I have an issue with the “boycott these companies, they supply the war” thing going on at the moment. For example, take Rolls Royce – they supply engine parts for the jets, yes? Can you absolutely guarantee they are not supplying anything in terms of the engines in the Red Cross helicopters? Ambulances in Gaza etc? Because if we boycott these companies for one thing they are doing, wouldn’t that ultimately stop them doing the good things they are doing too?

  2. Luke Says:

    Hi, this is just to say – The University of Manchester occupation has entered its third day, and is now conducted over two floors of the main administration building. Please visit the blog to show your support for those trapped inside (security here have closed off access to the building so it’s rationing for those brave activists left inside!)

  3. Amnesty calls for an UN aids embargo against BOTH sides « The Warwick Solidarity Sit-In Says:

    […] Lichfield may have supplied specially-designed engines for Israeli drones as mentioned in our post MPs concerned about arms exports to Israel – leading Amnesty to “question the lack of a robust system of end-use monitoring of […]

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