Nottingham forcibly evicted, Hallam to be suspended

It seems that the noise on the grapevine, that VCs and universities were starting to work together, may not be too far from the truth. Nottingham were forcibly removed from the room, and the staff at Hallam turned out to be lying when they said the protesters would face no repercussions (as they have all been told they are going to be suspended as students).

This peaceful occupation were given another warning (that the University¬† won’t enter dialogue whilst the room is occupied, and that they had the chance to be disciplined, can be read here), with the added threat to leave or that the guards would “remove” them. After deciding to non-violently resist, 9 or so uniformed security guards forcibly removed protesters to outside the building. This was most likely illegal (they are not security guards, and do not have the right to forcibly remove unless you are personally in danger afaik). Screams of pain were heard, items of clothing were broken. They since haven’t been let back in to retrieve items such as jackets, and as such as standing out in the snow with no protection from the cold. Media have been cleared off the campus, police are refusing to take statements alleging of assault by the security guards, etc.
Please send messages of solidarity to the group, and e-mails to their VC informing of this potentially illegal activity.
Notts blog

Sheffied Hallam (in their words):
“Having left the room after intimidation and complete lack of negotiation by management, outright hostility to our demands and threat of arrests by police, we left.
Having agreed to leave peacefully (in accordance with our exclusively peaceful protest) we were assured by the Univeristy Management that students taking part in the occupation would face no repercussions. Today we find that many students were told that due to their taking part in the occupation, they are to be suspended from the university; effectively not being able to take part in lectures, examinations and their learning!”
Sheffield Hallam blog

8 Responses to “Nottingham forcibly evicted, Hallam to be suspended”

  1. JTS Says:

    I’m glad they’ve been suspended – perfectly the right action for students who disrupt the education of others. It’s all very well saying “we still want lectures to carry on” or whatever, but it’s still a disruption and at the end of the day, education and research are what a University is for, first and foremost, above and beyond anything else.

  2. VTS Says:

    Way to go, Sheffield and Nottingham university. Solidarity with their managements!

  3. Rob Says:

    I believe that suspending students for protesting is unnecessary and probably counter productive.

    However, the university management, acting as the owners of the land, or anyone acting on their behalf, are perfectly entitled to expel any trespassers from their property, using whatever force is reasonably necessary. You don’t need to be “specially qualified” to do this.

  4. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    I have a feeling that (legally speaking) you do. if they wanted to declare them trespassers, then they give them warning 24 hours before, then they can get the police to evict them. anything done by private security can, I have a feeling, be classed as assault. don’t quote me on that though!

    Sami (@ Warwick)

  5. Gregor Says:

    Well done to the students of Nottingham and Sheffield Hallem for these spirited and well-informed demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian people. It’s vital that students engage with the political issues of the day and are free to express themselves as appropriate. Universities are public institutions and uni buildings are public in a very real and meaningful sense (quite apart from any legal/technical questions of ownership). It’s about time that students re-appropriated these spaces – it’s their University and their campus.

    The remarks about disrupting education are ridiculous – the process of building and being involved in direct political action must be regarded as an incredibly valuable educational experience. Further, these actions bring to centre stage some of the crucial political and ideological questions which face us today and help create a space for truely engaged and interactive learning.

  6. VTS Says:

    Errr. So if someone storms your sitting room and refuses to leave, you have to give him 24h to clear out before you can call the police or throw him out yourself? Common law, your ways are very strange.

  7. Sheff Hallam Occuaption Says:

    In response to the numerous queries we have had about how people can voice their sentiments to the university management, we suggest that people contact the university either through:

    – Calling the university switchboard directly on 0114 225 5555,

    – Sending an email to the following:

    Vice Chancellor’s PA: FAO Phillip Jones

    Secretary’s PA: FAO Liz Winders

    In order that we can verify numbers of people registering complaints/sentiments should the University prove unwilling to divulge this information, you may CC or BCC your message to, though there is no obligation to do so.

  8. James Snodgrass Says:

    Good, it’s the only language hippies understand.

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