Update: Plans and Protests

The University responded to us last night, but still managed to miss most of the points we were making. We are drafting a response now, but they are making it clear that this is not going to be easy. Tonight will give us a boost, however, if the motion passes at the Emergency General Meeting (EGM). It’s at 6pm TONIGHT in MS.02 (in the Maths and Stats building), please come and bring all your friends because we need this meeting to have enough people!

In other news, Bradford and Nottingham have now both gone under occupation. Here’s a press release from Nottingham:

“A group of students has peacefully occupied Room B63 Law and Social Sciences this evening in solidarity with the people of Gaza. This occupation is the 17th in the U.K since the New Year.

Motivated by the escalating crisis in Gaza, University of Nottingham students is issuing a set of demands to the University management calling for immediate action. We stand in solidarity with students at the School of Oriental and African Studies, the London School of Economics, King’s College London, Birmingham, Essex, Warwick, Sussex, Oxford, Manchester Metropolitan, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle, Queen Mary’s, and Bradford Universities; all of whom have occupied parts of their Universities in support of Gaza

We will not lift the occupation until our demands have been met. The demands are currently being finalised and include a statement from the university and the providing of aid and scholarships to Palestinian students in Gaza.

This is a non-violent and inclusive protest. All University of Nottingham students are encouraged to participate. During the occupation we will adhere to the same codes of personal conduct as is expected of us as members of the student community.  Any disruption to our peers’ education is expressly against our wishes and we will respect the rights of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the right to disagree.  Universities should be a place where freedom of expression, debate and critical discourse is encouraged.

We are asking anyone who empathises with our cause to come down and join the demonstration.

We plan to organise speakers, events, food and music. We are not going to disrupt any lectures.”

4 Responses to “Update: Plans and Protests”

  1. Question Says:

    re: your demand that no academic penalties be levied against students taking part in the protest. Are you asking that you basically be allowed to get away with not handing in course work/attending exams/etc during the course of the protest or are you just meaning no penalty in general? If it’s the former, you really need to get your priorities right!

  2. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    Hahah, no, the latter. Anyone not handing in work would be doing so of their own volition… we just want to make sure both students and academics can come down and see what is going on without fear of recrimination!

  3. Steven Says:

    May I ask what the University actually said in response?

  4. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    in response to which demand?

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