Day 7… almost one week!

We’re still here, we’re still going strong! The University is starting to get into correspondence with us, and we collected enough signatures (0.5% of the student population) to be able to call an Emergency General Meeting for the Union. This would be on Thursday or Friday, and would entail a Union-run debate on whether people should support our sit-in, with a vote one way or the other. If the vote is in the affirmative, that would massively open up the resources the Union could lend us (posting things on the website, help from staff, that sorta stuff) – the second we know when it is, we’ll post it up on here.

We’ve uploaded new photos to Flickr, we’ve got a lot of pages in the new Boar (pick it up!) and we have a schedule for today:

5-7pm: Sounds of Solidarity! Music from Ste Forshaw, Matt Shillito, Pete Blegved and Hannah Tottenham. Come down and enjoy the tunes…
7pm: the film series from the CAPITAL Centre moves to S0.21 to show solidarity. This week’s film is “Tracers”, a joint Iraqi and American produced film about life under occupation (particularly relevant here) with a post-film talk afterwards

Tomorrow, we’re having more speakers from many different backgrounds. We’ll keep you posted!

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