Day 6, without a hitch

Today went well, despite not going as initially planned. Lectures resumed in the liberated space and, as planned, we were very accommodating, maintaing only a symbolic presence during this time, to which the lecturers were very receptive. Some even announced their support during the course of their lectures.

We  have been in constant communication with One World Week and their hosting of the Greenpeace talk was highly successful. Nick Hildyard gave a great forum discussion on student activism, the current political climate and the financial crisis. Jim Hensmen, from Coventry Socialist Party, gave a speech about the Black Panthers, including first-hand experience. This was followed by an interesting discussion on racism and institutional poverty.

As usual, we have recieved many great messages of solidarity from fellow students, academics and political activists. Particularly exciting was a vist from Dr Vandana Shiva, renowned human rights activist who told us to keep  going and told us that she would join us and sleep over if she didn’t have to leave. =D

We finished up the day deciding on how we want to respond to the University’s most recent communication, and making sure we were working towards our goal of supporting those affected by this conflict.

We also managed to collect the 104+ signatures needed to call an Emergency General Meeting to discuss the Union’s policy towards the conflict in Gaza and our demands relating to it. This will be delivered to the Union tomorrow morning, and the Union should have a meeting taking place before this week is over.

We will continue with this struggle for as long as it takes until we feel we have received a sufficient response from our University. Solidarity!


3 Responses to “Day 6, without a hitch”

  1. Rob Owen Says:

    Good luck keeping it up! Sussex, Cambridge, Leeds and Kings are still with you and both Sussex and Kings seem to be making real progress. If you need help getting messages of support email how we can help to and we’ll see what we can do to spread the word.

    John Rose (Author of Myths of Zionism and Israel the Hijack state) can come and speak tomorrow (Wednesday at 6pm) if you have a space. He is one of the most high profile Jewish activists in favour of a solution to the crisis including the right to return for all Palestinans and a one state solution.

    I’ll try and get some people over tonight to support the occupation from Birmingham and surrounds!

  2. Graham Says:

    Why does your website use such agressive language, such as “our demands”. Could i also suggest that you possibly try and offer some balance, your website is about the most one sided thing I have come across. Also what is this ludicrous claim the BBC was keeping the aid appeal from us for some kind of sinister reason?

    Surely all a group like this can acheive is alienating people and furthering the mistrust on either side, both in gaza as well as between communities within the union. Also, so what if you get the union to support your action, what will that mean?

    It seems you people do not care about a solution to the problem, and this is just point scoring.

  3. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    What sort of balance are you looking for here? This is a blog to update people on what is going on with the sit-in, I honestly don’t see how doing that is biased or one-sided.

    The BBC thing was in reference to the DEC appeal being rejected from TV for the first time in 60-odd years. We did not intend it to sound like a conspiracy, more that allegations of bias for showing a charity appeal are patently ludicrous, as many TV channels and media officials agree.

    I also don’t see how you can claim that we are just “alienating people and furthering the mistrust on either side”. I don’t know if you have come down and visited us yet, but our group has many people with many views congregating in our space. People often come along feeling uneducated on the matter, and more often than not go away feeling more informed than when they arrived. We have had many talks on what the “solution” could be, and many on what form the solution definitely cannot take. We have brought many swathes of people together, Jews and Muslims alike, so I am honestly lost as to the intent behind that point.

    As for what it would mean if the union supported us, it would mean that we (and anyone else) would have popular support in our current and future actions on this cause. This would help no end in giving ourselves legitimacy to a University that have so far been… shall we say, dismissive.


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