Still going strong (with schedule for today!)

Surprising the university, we are still here after the weekend! We kept up a constant presence, maintained a good level of debate, and kept up the mission of education and solidarity.

Today, we’ve decided to start the week off with a bang. Here’s the schedule:

12-1pm: Solidarity lunch! Bring and share, for food and ideas, everyone welcome
3-4pm: A Director of Greenpeace International is giving a talk here: it is a OWW talk that has been moved here to show solidarity
4-5pm: Nick Lawrence from the English department on US and state-sponsored terrorism
5-6pm: Nick Hildyard Q&A
6-7pm: Nick Hildyard (founding member of the NGO Corner House) on “The Financial Crisis: Holding Them To Account”
7-7:30pm: Break
7:30pm: Jim Hensmen on the Black Panthers and other pressure groups (a Socialist Students talk that has been rescheduled for solidarity)

We will also be having a meeting later to discuss where this protest is going. See you in S0.21!


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