Summary of yesterday

We’ve had some press in the Socialist Worker:

“Around 150 students have been in occupation at Warwick University since Wednesday 21 January. Students have taken over a lecture theatre and are holding meetings, film showings and debates about Gaza.

Speakers have included a member of Jews For Justice For Palestinians and supporters from the lecturers’ University and College Union.

Warwick University has strong links with the arms trade. One of the student demands is that the university cuts all ties with BAE Systems and other companies that supply arms to Israel.”

Yesterday was a slightly more laid-back day than Thursday. During the day, we made banners and wrote a group letter to send out to Palestinian universities, asking what they need in terms of aid. At 2pm, we had a theatre workshop that moved to create a Temporary Autonomous Zone outside the library.

Later on, we had a talk from socialist councillor Rob Windsor, who represents St Michael’s ward in Coventry. He said he would come out and oppose the University’s statement that there were only 14 people in here on Thursday, as he was here, with us. He vocalised his support for our campaign, and made clear his resources were at our disposal. He also emphasised the need of staying united after this occupation, and after this campaign.

The main task for yesterday afternoon was responding to the University’s statement about our demands. Before formalising this, our projector went down (probably a blown bulb, but we can’t get into the room to check) so we went on to just casually debate and relax after a stressful few days.

Also yesterday, we had some interesting talks with people that accused us of being too pro-Palestinian. It seems our message of being for the victims of both sides is not getting across clearly. We know that now and are working hard, with some of our critics, to make sure our dedication to both Israeli and Palestinian victims is clear.


8 Responses to “Summary of yesterday”

  1. Suyuti Says:

    Too pro-Palestinian ha?
    Did anyone say to the British who supported the Polish resistance against the Nazis, that they’re too pro-Polish?
    When will people realise that it is not just to judge the oppressors and the oppressed on the same scale?
    Such people who use this rhetoric are forced by consistency to never be pro any nation in any war, no matter how unprovoked the attack, whether the USA vs Vietnam or the Allies vs the Axis(i.e. the Nazis, Fascists etc).

  2. Suyuti Says:

    I also forgot, a friend of mine from Hull University has also reported yesterday that there is an occupation their too.
    Maybe someone can contact one of the occupiers and confirm if its still going on?

  3. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    If you could contact your friend and get any more information, Suyuti, that’d be great. We can’t find anything about it…

  4. Chez Says:

    Third hand, but easily confirmed by FOI request; When you did a protest at a careers event a year of so ago Quinetiq complained to the careers service. Students had dressed as death and stood silently next to Qinetiqs stand with cardboard scythes. Quniteq said in an email that they would withdraw from future careers events if protest signs around campus weren’t taken down. To their credit the careers service told Quinetiq politely where to get off.

    So A) you are having an effect, B) You’ve got’em worried C) Keep up the good work

  5. arafat khalil Says:

    Well done guys!!! I wish you all the luck with getting your demands met. Best of the way I set up the friends of palestine at warwick in 2004, so its amazing to see its still going strong and is getting stronger and is doing AMAZING stuff to highlight the plight and showing solidarity with the palestinians.

  6. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    just to say, this isn’t a Friends of Palestine organised event, it’s been organised by many different independent students (though there are some FoPal people here too!)

  7. Suyuti Says:

    Ok i confirmed, what happened in Hull was a protest, not a sit in.
    Apologies for the misinformation.

  8. xamogelo Says:

    well done!!! 🙂

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