Updated mission statement and demands

Warwick University students have claimed a space on campus as an act in solidarity with the innocent victims from the Gaza conflict, and with the other groups in the UK which have taken similar action.

We call on our University to suspend dealings with businesses which support Israel’s illegal occupation, such as BAE Systems, and to support our fellow students in Palestine who are being denied their right to education.

There will be talks, films, workshops, debates and anything else we can arrange. The occupation of the space will continue until we believe sufficient action has been taken by the University, and the activities which take place will reflect the wishes of the group. In keeping with our support for the right to education, we will not disrupt lectures, but will maintain a constant symbolic presence.

Other universities in the country, including Birmingham, Essex, SOAS, LSE, Sussex, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester Met, Kings and Bristol have already seen occupations. Others are planned and will start at any moment. This is an issue which extends far beyond the borders of Warwick, and this occupation and sit-in is undertaken as part of the wider movement. Join us!

Our Demands

  1. Warwick University should suspend all relations with companies which supply the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This includes BAE Systems, MBDA, QinetiQ and Rolls Royce.
  2. That the University expresses its sorrow for the infringement of the right to education in the Gaza conflict, by releasing a statement to this effect, and by donating old computer equipment and textbooks to those universities in Gaza that were partially destroyed during the current Israeli military operation.
  3. That the University fund and provide logistical support for a series of talks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  4. That there be no legal, financial, or academic measures taken against anyone involved in or supporting the sit-in. This extends to the Student’s Union. Students involved should be guaranteed free movement in and out of the space.

6 Responses to “Updated mission statement and demands”

  1. cp Says:

    *applause* well done. These actions are tremendous, and it is fantastic to see that radicalism has returned to the universities.

  2. Bes Says:

    On the first point. Suppose that tomorrow they will say that the University terminated the relationship with BAE Systems, MBDA, QinetiQ and Rolls Royce. How do you know that it is the truth?

  3. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    Well, if they said it had happened tomorrow, we’d know they’re lying. they are in a number of long-term contracts etc. that can’t just be cancelled overnight.

    if you mean, what if they came round and said “right, you’ve convinced us, we’re going to sever all ties with such companies as soon as humanly possible” then we’d probably (1) have a party (2) start regular talks with them to see how they were going about doing this complex task. I mean, we’re optimistic, but we’re not stupid!

    is that what you meant?

  4. Bes Says:

    Ok you have the opportunity to observe the negotiations of such a level? Where any information about the University’s cooperation with the company?

  5. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    Their presence at careers events is highly publicised, they investment in university departments has been recorded in studies such as last year’s Study War No More report.

  6. Bes Says:

    ok, ask for another. Do you have access to information on decisions of the university. Indeed, a university may say one thing and do another. How do you check?

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