More messages of solidarity…

Solidarity greetings to you. Hope all is going well.

Everyone at my school is devastated by the aftermath of the 3 week invasion. We cannot ignore the plight of the millions of Palestinians but especially those still under seige in Gaza
In unity… Jane Nellist, Secretary, Coventry, National Union of Teachers


The scale of the Israeli atrocities in Gaza has nauseated people the world over. It is only right at a time of crisis that students should respond by reviving the traditions of the 1960s and 1970s. Warwick students must be congratulated for making such a powerful statement against tyranny. You will be needed again and again in the many struggles for freedom and justice that lie ahead.

In solidarity

Dr Jonathan S Davies

Reader in Public Policy, Governance and Public Management Group, Warwick Business School


Very glad to hear about what you are doing, and thanks for the invitation. I wish I could manage, but just can’t add any travel now.

Noam Chomsky


I send massive support and solidarity for your action. The actions of the Israeli government are appalling but what you are doing not only represents real opposition to Isaeli militarism, it’s also a beacon of political hope sending a clear message that people round the world can and will act in defence of the people of Gaza.

For what it’s worth I’m a university teacher myself and I think it’s great to see students taking such decisive action – well ahead of lecturers in fact. I’m also an ex-Warwick student from the early 70s when we frequently occupied the university. Hail occupation (but without flares).

Jason Toynbee
Senior Lecturer in Sociology, The Open University (personal capacity)


What’s going on in Warwick is fantastic. Do please pass on deepest sentiments of solidarity from the oxford university occupation!


I have just heard about the sit-in from my friend Yael. Unfortunately I will be in London over the next few days, but wanted to send a message of solidarity and have emailed the Leamington Stop the War Coalition members to let them know about the sit-in.

In solidarity,
Claire Kime


I was heartened to learn of the wave of occupations under way at a number of campuses across Britain. Congratulations to you all on your solidarity with the people of Palestine. I hope that many more students at universities across the country take your lead and join in and that the occupations are a resounding success.

While no longer a student myself, I support your demands that university authorities strongly condemmn Israel’s disproportionate violence against the innocent people of Gaza, that they condemn the blockade of Gaza, and that universities cancel all investments in arms firms that deal with Israel.

Keep up the struggle for justice! A luta continua!

Comradely regards
Paul Martin


Well done and good luck with your occupation (with all your occupations!) in protest at the appalling slaughter in Gaza.

In the face of the continuing brutality of imperialism and war, acts of protest like these are vital to uphold simple human solidarity.

Good for you and keep it up ’til you win!

In solidarity,
Ben Drake
Steward, York City UNISON
(personal capacity)


Miss Abbott wishes you the best of luck. Unfortunately she will not be able to come up to Warwick in the near future


ISM London offers support and solidarity to the numerous student occupations and sit-ins around the UK in recent weeks. This response to the most recent Israeli onslaught on Gaza has been one of the most important initiatives in the movement. Generating pressure on our higher education establishments to take a stand against Israel and the war crimes it commits is vital. We stand in solidarity with the many Palestinians, students, activists, academics and members of the public who are now being more and more vocal about the boycott of Israel as a means of both exerting international pressure on the Israeli apartheid system, and standing in solidarity with the resistant Palestinian people.

ISM activists all around the UK are available to speak about their experiences on the ground in Palestine and are contactable via ISM London (i… An ISM speaker will be at the Warwick sit-in tonight. For those interested in visiting Palestine, we can also organise training events around the UK if you can organise a group large enough (usually 10 or 15). Email for more details.


5 Responses to “More messages of solidarity…”

  1. cambridge occupation Says:

    over 100 students are occupying the law faculty. we send our solidarity to you.

  2. Owen Says:

    Keep up the good work. This thing is mushrooming. Cambridge Law Faculty was occupied this evening – that’s about the 12th or 13th uni nationwide. Tomorrow there is a march from BBC HQ to Trafalgar Sq. assembling Portland Place at midday.

  3. Oussama Mezoui Says:

    I would like to congratulate you on your great achievement and offer the full support and services of FOSIS Campaigns. Keep up the good work and please do let me know if we can be of any help!

  4. Suyuti Says:

    Good work guys, I appreciate you for standing up for that which is just and right.
    Also what i’d suggest is a good idea is to collect the emails of various lecturers and tutors throughout the university of Warwick and to send them emails requesting support.
    Another suggestion is that people go around the campus with petition requests, getting people to sign the petitions.

    And be sure to contact different media outlets like the BBC, al-Jazeera(, the Guardian, the Independent etc.

  5. saladinpalestine Says:

    This is excellent,
    please let other student organisations in europe and america know of your actions so that they may find insperation

    and the whole world supports you

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