Update: our situ and an inter-university project

We’re still having talks (currently from Joe Lee from ISM)… so far we’ve had Gerd Rainer Horn, Naomi Eilan, our own Barnaby Pace, Mas Naiam, Yael Khan, and Naeem from a local PSC group – later we’re having a meeting about plans for tomorrow and our course of action given the university’s ignoral of our demands.

Also, we’ve had contact from Leeds about a message board they’ve set up for people from “the continuing and ended occupations” to discuss our experiences and “link our struggles” – please check it out at  http://occupations.proboards.com/ AND Oxford have finished their occupation claiming success – very speedy!


3 Responses to “Update: our situ and an inter-university project”

  1. Alan Allan Says:

    Well done and we are the only hope to free Plestine.
    Mere words are insufficient to express the pain that all mankind feels at the plight of the Gaza and Palestinian people. “For over one hundred years, they have been subject to a carefully conceived plan, to drive them from their homes and their land.” Throughout their history, the Zionists have resorted to intimidation, war, ethnic cleansing and state—sponsored terrorism to achieve their goals.” This is, has been and continues to be, the criminal agenda of the Zionist movement.
    But among this movement’s greatest crimes, is that it has claimed to carry out these nefarious actions in the name of holiness, in the name of the Almighty, in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people! “Judaism forbids and rejects Zionism and the existence of the State of ‘Israel’…”We must tell the world that self rule, sovereignty and all the rights of the Palestinian people must be restored throughout historic Palestine! This is a requirement of Jewish ethics and values! Jewish justice demands the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes, towns, villages and cities throughout Palestine!”

  2. Karl Says:

    Oxford University today agreed to deplore the destruction of Gaza University, to provide surplus books and computers to the University of Gaza, to start a process to provide 5 scholarships to students in Gaza, to ask the Master of Balliol college to reconsider the name associated with the Peace lectures inaugurated by Shimon Peres, and to ask congregation to consider its investments in BAE with regard to its responsible investment policy.

    It also said it would ask lecturers to provide lectures to the University of Gaza.

    Good News Oxford!

  3. NYL Says:

    Full story about Oxford:

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