More messages of solidarity

From an Aston University student – “just texting on behalf of all members of Socialist Students in Brum to send you our support and solidarity with you in your courageous sit in! Hope its going well!”

From the Sussex Occupation – “Comradely greetings and solidarity to the Warwick occupation from socialist students participating in the occupation at Sussex!”

From Glasgow – “Congratulations on making it 12 hours in! As a member of Glasgow uni Stop the War I can safely say that we are with you in Solidarity. Hold out and you will win. Freedom for Palestine!”

Just wanted to send you a message of support for your actions in defence of Palestinians. Keep up the pressure – you will be an inspiration to others.

We did it for South Africa and we now need to do the same for Palestine.

Dr. Karen Evans
Senior Lecturer
School of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Liverpool
and National Executive of Universities and Colleges Union”

“The Northampton branch of the Socialist Party extends it’s support to those involved in the Warwick University sit in.

Please contact me if we can be of any help.”

One Response to “More messages of solidarity”

  1. occupiedoxford Says:

    Oxford students have occupied the University

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