Messages of Solidarity from Manchester Trades Union Council and Avi Shlaim

To the Students of Warwick:
These are very dark days for the Palestinians. The savage Israeli
assault on them has ended but the occupation has not. I salute you on
the brave stand you have taken on behalf of the people of Gaza. Keep up
the struggle for justice for the Palestinians!
All good wishes
Avi Shlaim

Avi Shlaim, FBA
Professor of International Relations
St Antony’s College
Oxford OX2 6JF


Tonight’s meeting of the Manchester Trades Union Council, with delegates from branches of the RMT, UNITE, UNISON, FBU, NUJ, PCS, USDAW and UCU unions, voted unanimously to send a message of support to the student occupations in Sussex, Warwick, King’s and LSE protesting Israel’s attack on Gaza and its continuing blockade.  

We consider your example of action in solidarity with the oppressed, against the  is an inspiration to us all in the struggle for justice for Palestine.

In solidarity

Geoff Brown


Manchester Trades Union Council


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