Update: Twelve Hours In

Evening all! We’ve now been in occupation for twelve exciting hours. We’re just settling down to watch something funny before we go to bed.

This evening Manar, a Palestinian from Coventry, spoke and led a discussion on the situation. In a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion we attempted to come to terms with the deeply human element of the conflict, and with our position to change the situation.

We have also been holding meetings about what to do over the next few days – tomorrow, whilst some will stay in the room during lectures (which we are not planning to disrupt), others will go around campus raising awareness. Tomorrow evening we will hold more talks and discussions.

Messages of solidarity have been very powerful, from other student groups, other occupations, old warwick students, trades unions and individuals. An hour ago union sabbatical officers came by with chocolate and water! We have also just learned that Warwick Pride, who are in the middle of their Awareness Week, have decided to suspend their week and join our protest – a wonderful tribute.


4 Responses to “Update: Twelve Hours In”

  1. saladin Says:

    The whole world is with you

  2. Sensible Says:

    The current Palestinian situation, although lamentable, is in no way related to the University system in England. At present, given the socio-economic climate, universities are under more pressure than ever to perform with increasingly smaller financial margins. How then, can you justify pressuring them yet further? Also, why not help Iraq, Afghanistan, or a number of other countries we as a nation have directly invaded, before a country who’s occupation was short lived, nothing to do with us, and as a nation we opposed? Favoritism is the only sensible reason. This is not a protest against anything. This is trying to get aid for a cause based not on merit, which it no doubt has, but which cause you favor. If you succeed, why should Universities not also maintain solidarity with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and the tens of other war torn countries? Help one and not the others is what you seem to be saying, and helping them all is clearly not possible, As an organization, your movement is either extremely naieve, or monumentally self serving in getting just one cause help. Either way, and with the best of intentions, I promise that no motion will be passed at my University if I can in any way stop it.

  3. Sensible Says:

    Oh, and moderate this out, and it will be blatantly obvious that it’s the self serving side of things.

  4. warwicksolidaritysitin Says:

    Sorry you feel that way Sensible. If I can clarify, whilst a lot of the people involved in the sit-in are heavily involved in charity work on some of the issues you mention, we feel that the links between Warwick and the companies which supply weapons to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict motivate special action.
    If helping one and not others is the only option, then we should do nothing – is this your logic? Personally I have problems with that.
    I also don’t accept your argument for favouritism – my personal reason for spending perhaps more time on this issue than others is because I feel that my own government is complicit more in this conflict than the others (with the exception of Iraq and Afghanistan, on which most of us have also campaigned hard).
    I also fail to see how what we are doing should be classed as self-serving – could you elaborate?


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